Hi there, it's Lucky Lee!

Lucky Lee is a successful producer, Golden Girls club owner, The President of the first Association of Russian Striptease clubs, ideologist of the gender revolution in Russia.

Under the helm of Lucky Lee the Golden Girls club received a status of an elite club and became one of the most memorable places of the Moscow night-life. The Golden Girls brand itself became a synonym of a new philosophy of social entertainment for mature audience. Golden Girls is an energy and rhythm of a today capital, and of course, the most beautiful women and exotic pleasures.

Lucky Lee calls up for not holding back the natural sexuality and sensuality and to walk along the path of the legendary and provocative Hugh Hefner from the Playboy and Larry Flynt from the Hustler, both of which depicted that judgmental and hypocritical attitude toward sex and erotica in society leads to dissatisfaction, depression and overall fertility decline.

Lucky Lee revolutionizes the striptease industry in Russia, creating an Association of Russian Striptease clubs. There is also a plan on creating Russian Union of striptease workers: «We are changing the image of the whole industry! Gentlemen`s clubs are not to be associated with brothel».

Projects of Lucky Lee

You may contact Lucky Lee in several ways:

Write a letter personally to Lucky Lee by e-mail luckylee.ru@gmail.com

Or you can contact with his PR-assistant Pavel Pestov using the following credentials:

+7 (968) 792 02 38